Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Super Trumps reborn in the Philippines!

If you've discovered this site then you know you're what you're into. It's the Super Trumps for 2009! Pinoy Style! Watch out for 2010 Election Politicians get their own trump cards! What will their stats be like? Wacky for sure coming from me, creator of Keybol. Who are the Super Trumps? Let's find out soon!

Super Trumps brings the classic card game "war" into the 21st century!

Para sa mga toddler nung 80's na hindi makarelate sa game na Super Trumps, here is how you play the game:

2-6 people can play. Deal out all 32 cards face down to the players. Each player holds their cards face up but may ONLY look at their top card.

The player to go first chooses the ‘best’ statistic (usually the highest) from their top card, e.g. “Top Speed 252mph”, caller may also opt to choose Card Number. All other players read out the SAME statistic. Whoever has the best or highest value wins and places all the top cards including their own to the bottom of their pile. The winner for that round gets to choose the statistic for the next round.

If a defender holds a card labeled 'Super Trump' he automatically wins the round if any of the stats is called. However, if the Card Number is called, the label 'Super Trump' has no effect and the card number is compared.

During a round, if 2 or more cards ‘tie’ or no data is available for that particular statistic then all the cards are placed to one side and the same player chooses again from their next card. The winner of the hand also takes the cards that were placed to one side.

The first player to win all 32 cards is the winner of the game!

Series: Hayden Kho-llection

A1 - Hayden Kho
A2 - Katrina Halili
A3 - Vicky Belo
A4 - Maricar Reyes
B1 - Brazilian Model
B2 - Eric Chua
B3 - Bistek Rosario
B4 - Bong Revilla
C1 - Edu Manzano
C2 - Chris
C3 - Irene, Hayden Kho's Mom
C4 - Hayden Kho's Lawyer
D1 - Vicky Belo's Lawyer
D2 - Quark Henares
D3 - Lolit Solis (Super Trump)
D4 - Ruffa Mae Quinto
E1 - Beauty Queen
E2 - Another Sexy Actress
E3 - Singer
E4 -
F1 -
F2 -
F3 -
F4 -
G1 -
G2 -
G3 -
G4 -
H1 -
H2 -
H3 -
H4 -

Bed Performance
Personal Appearance
or by card number: H4 lowest , A1 Highest

Sample conversation:

Player 1: "Age: 31!"

Player 2: "Talo, 32"

Player 3: "Talo, 45"

Player 4: "SUPER TRUMP!!!"

Player 4 Wins

Sample 2

Player 1: "Card Number D2"

Player 2: "Card Number C3"

Player 3: "B4! Super Trump!"

Player 4: "A1!!!"

Player 4 wins!

Eleksyon 2010 and Hayden Kho-llection series are not yet complete. You may collaborate with me by posting your comments and suggestions, to come up with the set of 32 Cards. Rate their statistics, add some flavor text.

Printed sets will be available soon!


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